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Indian Fashions ( a sister concern of Kritanjali Creations Pvt Ltd )  is a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of high quality Indian Fashion Jewellery and Cubic Zirconia Jewellery (also known as Cz Jewellery or Ad Jewellery).   


Our website www.indian-jewellery.com has ben acclaimed as World’s Largest Online Wholesale store of Indian Fashion Jewellery.  The company is lead by the Shri Diptiman Chatterjee who is the CEO and Founder of both INDIAN FASHIONS and Kritanjali Creations Pvt Ltd.  


We have around 200 craftsmen working in our 18 mid sized Manufacturing Units in West Bengal, Rajasthan and Maharashtrai.


Our administrative Office in Asansol  (West Bengal), is built on 4000 square feet, in a 14000 square feet campus area. The office is located in a serene atmosphere in West of Asansol. (See Location in Google MAPS).


The Head Office of the Company is in Kolkata in Park Street Area.



Some Videos of Jewellery Manufacturing Process :




Strategic Location in heartland of Jewellery Manufacturers in India:


India, especially the state of West Bengal, is blessed with top quality artistic craftsmen, who have mastered the art of carving and making best quality handcrafted jewelry since ages. Craftsmen in Bengal has been renowned for making Jewellery for royal families in Indian History. 


It was our dream to provide an ideal platform for Indian craftsmen to overseas, where they can showcase their products, but the road was unknown to destination. These motivations encouraged us to build a bridge between Indian craftsmen and people all over the who loves Indian Jewellery. The journey we started in 2003. INDIAN FASHIONS started with a small family of 5 artists, and now we are a team of almost 200 containing Jewellery Designers, Wax mould makers, Stone setting Karigars, Filers, etc. artists who collectively manufacture jewelry for our International customers.




Business Type:                  


Manufacturer, Exporters and Wholesalers of all types of Indian Fashion Jewellery. Exporting to more than 20 countries across the globe.


Year of Establishment:     2003



Major countries to which we export :-                                


Our Achievements: Looking back at 12 years of hard work.


Serving more than 5000 B2B Customers, across the world.


Manufacturing for more than 50 Leading Jewellery Brands in USA, Canada, France, Germany, Australia.



Our Strengths:


        Exporting to B2B (wholesale buyers) customers in more than 20 countries, since 2003.


        Detail knowledge of  Foreign Trade procedures with almost 25 countries.


Manufacturing 10 different varieties of Indian Fashion Jewellery.


Huge Variety. We maintain more than 16000 designs In-Stock, which are available for immediate dispatch.


Highly Innovative. We presently create more than 3000 new designs every month.


Strong Supply Chain Management.


Prompt Delivery services to any country in the world. Capable of serving 200000+ pin/zip codes across the world.


In-house Cataloging facility.


In-house QC Team (Quality Checking and Inspection).


In-house Research & Development Team to understand changes in Market Trends.


Strong Customer Service Team containing efficient Customer Relationship Managers.



The Growth Story:


While looking back at the last 11 years we tried to analyze our achievements and what we consider as the most important amongst them are as follows:


Long back in 2003 the Company was started with a small collection of 40 designs. We were only wholesalers at that time and did not venture into manufacturing. We were desperately trying to find our place in the overseas market. In the first year we managed a turnover of only 5000 USD.


Since then with our continuous hard work, regular innovations, latest designs and above the market quality, soon we became a renowned name in the International market and leading importers from several countries were eager to source their fashion jewellery requirements from us. With increasing orders and support from our customers we ventured in manufacturing and it soon gave us the strength to compete with the largest players in the industry. Every year our collections were becoming more and more popular and some of the finest brands and shopping malls in cities like Paris, Washington, London, New York etc were showcasing our products. Our products were being sold in major trade shows in USA, Canada, UK etc. 


While in 2005 we used to have a collection of around 2000 designs, but soon this figure swelled to 8000 designs by 2008. Slowly but steadily the variety in designs reached to almost 15000 in the beginning of 2014. Every week we started introducing almost 4000 new designs, thereby giving our distributors and customers the most needed factor required to survive in this industry which is newer and newer collections. It is hard  to find any manufacturer/exporter who manufacture 400 new designs every week. This made us the Largest Online Store of Indian Fashion Jewellery.


In 2011 we made some dramatic changes in our manufacturing process. While most Manufacturers and Exporters were using Tin Alloy as the base metal for jewellery, we upgraded to finer metals like Brass, Zinc and Copper (which were 100% lead free). Instead of Chinese stones and raw materials we started using better variants. As a result all our jewellery became much more light weighted, and finishing quality increased by around 15-20%. The year 2011 also saw our entry in manufacturing of CZ Jewellery ( the finest of fashion jewellery). 


In 2012 we started a Research and Development department which was deputed to study and  analyze customer tastes and preferences and we tweaked our manufacturing process accordingly. Customers explained how amazing they felt with this experience. 


Our Unique Manufacturing Process...the secret to our Lowest Cost of Production:


Our manufacturing process has been appreciated by many. It is unique and unconventional in the manufacturing industry. While other manufacturers adopt the conventional procedure of hiring artists and craftsmen, and employing them in a conventional factory, we adopted a unique way. We reached to the most interior villages in Bengal, which are home to the finest craftsmen in India and instead of directly employing them we started to assist them with Micro Finance, raw materials, tools and machinery necessary for manufacturing. We thus started a new trend and encouraged them to manufacture at their homes instead of having to come down to any factory. From Salaried artists they started becoming Entrepreneurs ! 


The result was incredible !!!  We were amazed to find that they were manufacturing 50% more then they used to do in conventional factories. This was possible because artists and craftsmen also engage their family members at heir home to increase their production. Also the low cost of living and homely comfort (home is the best place ..isn't it) gave them the much needed environment to create newer and better designs. While this lead to their increase in production and thereby income by almost 30%, it also reduced our production costs by 20%. Now, this was unmatchable by most conventional manufacturers. 


Later in 2015 we started an Integrated Factory in Howrah (Near Domjur). The factory is equipped with Latest Machinery, Skilled Craftsmen and all amenities required to product world class designs at Competitive prices. 



  Why customers across the world source their Jewellery from  INDIAN FASHIONS ?    



  What International Importers of Fashion Jewellery wanted : How we Responded
Customers from all over the world wanted a one stop solution where they could source top quality Indian Handcrafted jewelry. Understanding their requirements, we created our site  in  2003. With immense hard work www.indian-jewellery.com is   now World’s   Largest Online Wholesale Store of Indian  Fashion Jewelry , with more than 12000 designs In Stock
Customers want to deal with Direct Manufactures so that they could get products in real competitive price. When Customers purchase from us they get the  advantage of buying  directly at Factory Prices.
 International Customers are very much Quality Conscious and they wanted Good Quality  Products. Since we Export our entire production to countries like  USA, Canada, Germany, France UK, Japan etc,  Customers can rest assured that our quality standards  are as per American Standards and are strictly in line with European Norms too.
They Wanted Quick and reliable Delivery of their products.

We understood that one of the best ways to win the heart  of a customer is to Deliver him goods even before he/she expects us to do. While in 2003 , we used to dispatch goods in 4 - 5 days,  by 2008 this got reduced to 3 days and now we Offer dispatch within 24 hours of receiving order confirmation.

Customers from around the world wanted to stay ahead from their competitors by  offering new Jewelry designs and concepts regularly.  In fact they wanted New Designs and variety every month.

Understanding this requirement we started working hard by hiring the best artists from all over India. While in 2003 we were able to offer only 100 new designs every month, -- by the time 2007 this capacity grew to about 500 new designs every month and since 2011 we offer more than 4000 new designs every month.
Customer wanted easy & flexible mode of payment. Till 2006 we used to accept only Bank Wire..but now we offer our International Customers almost 10 ways to pay us.